Action Plan

Policy 131 – Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct comes into effect May 18, 2017. The policy sets out UBC’s commitments with regard to sexual assault and misconduct, and provides clarity on the support services and processes available to respond to disclosures and reports of sexual assault and misconduct. The policy also outlines UBC’s commitment to providing comprehensive and inclusive sexual misconduct education, prevention, and response initiatives. You can read the policy in full here.

A highlight of the new policy is the new Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Offices and a Director of Investigations at each UBC campus. It is expected these offices will be operational and the key positions filled in the Fall of 2017.

Implementation of Policy 131 will be supported by an action plan, which brings together expertise and effort from across our campuses to counter broader social attitudes about gender, sex and sexuality that normalize sexual misconduct and undermine equality. Through this work, we aim to increase understanding and reduce the incidents of sexual misconduct on our campuses.

We currently have a Sexual Assault Prevention Team (SAPT) which advises on approaches to sexual assault prevention and education through ongoing consultation with the campus community and campus experts. The SAPT is made up of a diverse committee of key stakeholders across both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. The SAPT has created a comprehensive education plan including an evidence-based approach to sexual assault education. As Policy 131 is implemented, this plan will continue to be actioned along with the broader action plan.

Document: UBC Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention Education, 2015/16 Education Plan